What a weekend!

Thanks to all the VSAFFers for their attendance, enthusiasm, and participation in our panels and talk-backs. We’ll let you know how much money was raised for Education without Borders‘ projects in South African township schools once we’ve crunched the numbers.

There were good turnouts for films all Saturday and Sunday and some engaging discussions. Across the Colour Bar director Luscious Nkantu Dosi was among our guests in Vancouver and took part in an interesting talk-back after our four documentary shorts on Saturday. There was also a Skype talk-back with photojournalist/activist Paul Weinberg following Behind the Lens which could have gone on all day.

Big thanks also to Angels in Exile director Billy Raftery and youth advocate Melanie Mark for their participation in an excellent panel on the parallels between B.C. street kids and their South African sisters and brothers.

The festival ended in fine fashion with lots of people and lots of laughs for Faan se Trein. It’s become tradition to end VSAFF with an Afrikaans film and we’re thrilled with the response.

Special thanks to Pro Arte Centre’s CatchingART dancers for their performance before Khumba.

Congratulations to our basket winners, including the big winner, Jo Fox, who won the South African Airways round-trip ticket and some South African wine and treats. Kate Phake and Rikki Jacobson won baskets from Honeybush Herbal Tea.

As with VSAFF ticket proceeds, all proceeds from the basket raffle will go to support EwB projects in South Africa. Both EwB and VSAFF are fully volunteer run.

Cheers to our photographers this weekend: Richard Lam and Hannes van der Merwe (all pictures below) for volunteering their time and skills.

And, of course, most of all, thanks to YOU.

We’ll announce the VSAFF Audience Awards later this week. Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter for all the latest.