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In this intense and penetrating psychological thriller, Rachel, a Mozambican domestic, is forced to make a life-changing decision after her daughter tragically dies while in the care of her South African employers. Does she quit her job and return to poverty-stricken Mozambique, or continue working so that she can retain her visa and keep supporting her family back home? Rachel, Michelle and Chris are trapped – employers and servant trying to navigate their tragic circumstance.

Internationally acclaimed and beautifully photographed, Sink explores three people from vastly different backgrounds as they search for a way to see each other through their pain. It’s a gut-wrenching portrait of loss, guilt and reconciliation.

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What the critics say…

“Heartbreakingly beautiful … a triumph of a film that explores love and loss so fearlessly that it will leave you breathless and shake you to your core.”  — Herman Eloff – Channel 24

 “A stunning story about that which divides and that which heals.” — Andrea Van Wyk – PowerFM

 “Sink is a stark and moving social drama, powered by sharp performances and swathed in sleek visuals and production design.” — Spling


  • Best of Show – Accolade Global Film Competition
  • Jury Life Award – Mexico International Film Festival
  • Best Film – A.K.A Afrikaanse Kultuurfees Amsterdam
  • Atlanta Film Festival
  • Stockholm International Film Festival
  • International Film Festival of Kerala
  • Aukland International Film festival
  • 7 SAFTA nominations, including 2 for Best Lead Actress (for both lead female characters), Best Script, Best Editing

Director: Brett Michael Innes
Run Time: 108 minutes
Language: Afrikaans with English subtitles


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The Last Boers of Patagonia

In Patagonia, an isolated region of Argentina, a family – the Dickasons – speaks a language from a country 7,000-km away. They are part of a 114 year-old Afrikaans Boer community – South African settlers who left South Africa after the Anglo-Boer War to escape from a government they didn’t want. Despite their fierce pride in their roots, their culture has been eroded over time and today less than 50 descendants remain, living in an arid land that reminded their ancestors of their beloved Karoo.  Still struggling to maintain their old traditions, the community speaks an archaic Afrikaans, bakes melktert and sings old Boer songs. The patriarch of the family, Ty Dickason, 82, a cowboy who has never flown in a plane, yearns to visit the country of his forefathers before he dies.


What the critics say…

“Fascinating, beautiful.”  — IOL Tonight

“Hartroerende, aangrypende verhaal.” — Stage & Screen

“Even a heart of stone would be moved by this doccie.” — Huisgenoot


  • 4 South African Film and Television Award nominations
  • Encounters South African International Documentary Film Festival (2014)
  • Durban International Film Festival (2014)

Director: Richard Finn Gregory
Producer: Kelly Scott, GOOD WORK Picture Company
Run Time: 17 minutes

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