VSAFF proceeds support Education without Borders

VSAFFers! By supporting the festival you are doing so much more than enjoying films, celebrating South African culture, and encouraging discussion and understanding of complex issues. You are directly contributing to the betterment of South Africa.

All VSAFF proceeds go to support the important work that Education without Borders has been doing in South African township schools and communities since 2002.

Both VSAFF and EwB are fully-volunteer run. All proceeds go directly to programs.

Currently, EwB’s efforts are focused on an after-school foundational maths, English and life skills program that has shown excellent results. Poor marks in Maths and English are great barriers to future educational and employment opportunities for many South African township students.

EwB works with students at Fezeka Senior Secondary School, St Francis Adult Education Centre, and in the surrounding township of Gugulethu (population: 500,000), just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Expansions are underway at Gugulethu Comprehensive High School and plans are also in the works to expand into primary school.

EwB also runs programming in the arts, in leadership, in school management support, and has previously built classrooms and other facilities like a library.

EwB and VSAFF are also proud to be working on a local project right here in B.C., with more details to follow. At least 5 per cent of all EwB funds will go annually to supporting this local initiative.

In four short years, VSAFFers have raised close to $80,000 for EwB projects! THANK YOU!

Please visit the EwB website for more details, and Like EwB’s Facebook page.

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