Beyond the Stereotypes: Short Docs

Saturday, April 11, 12 p.m.
All films at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, SFU Woodward’s

South Africa is a land populated mostly by noble freedom fighters and vicious gangsters, right?  Wrong. Once again, VSAFF presents a series of short documentaries that take us beyond the stereotypes. These four films shine a light on ordinary folks playing out the extraordinary drama of every day life.

Across the Colour Bar

What happens when a white woman goes to live in a black township? Across the Colour Bar paints a vivid and thoughtful picture of the life and times of Ntabiseng (Charmaine) Hibbert, who relocated to Katlehong Township in 1995. It’s a sociological documentary, reflecting on domestic abuse, cross cultural male supremacy, interracial relationships and racism, while at the same time shining a light on the generosity and grace of the people in Katlehong.

Dosi never hesitates to ask the difficult questions. The strength of the film is in the unexpected, but always authentic, responses to Ntabiseng’s highly unusual situation.

In the end, Across the Colour Bar is a nation-building story that demonstrates how South Africa is changing through social cohesion and cultural reconciliation.

Watch the Trailer

Runtime: 34 minutes
Director: Luscious Nkantu Dosi
Producer: Lance Durwin



What The Critics Are Saying

“… searching and fearless.” — SCREEN AFRICA

“Fluent in English, Afrikaans and Sesotho, only one thing sets her apart from her neighbours: Nthabiseng is white.” — MEDIA CLUB SOUTH AFRICA

“… a story of triumph, courage and perseverance.” — CAPE TOWN SHNIT (International Shortfilmfestival)

Followed by…

Sea Skeletons

A Cape Town artist finds the washed up detritus of other people’s lives on beaches, and transforms it into an array of lively characters – as well as a range of high-end homeware. Art, community economic development, and a quirky cultural sensibility make for an engrossing story.

Runtime8 minutes
: Tamsyn Reynolds

Getting There

If you’ve ever been to South Africa you’ve encountered the culture of combi taxis. On every South African street people flag down taxi drivers, but do they really know where all of this began? What’s the significance of the signs, the signals, the informal rules, regulations and rituals that keep this very ‘public’ transit system going?

Runtime: 6 minutes
: Masechaba Mogane

Strong Bones

The Maindies Grannies is not your ordinary soccer team. It is a group of elderly women who have decided to use soccer to improve their health – to encourage ‘strong bones’. But when their soccer field is sold to business people by the local chief the grannies are left with a choice: quit soccer or find an alternative. It’s a charming and delightful story that presents South African women in a new and unusual light.

Vakhegula Vakhegula

Runtime: 5 minutes

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