Volunteer at the VSAFF!

The VSAFF can’t run without the generous support of the community. If you’d like to volunteer at this year’s VSAFF, we’re looking for ticker takers and ushers who can commit to a minimum of four hours. In return, you get to see a couple of our terrific films for free!

To volunteer with us, please e-mail info(at)vsaff.org with “volunteer” in the subject, and leave us your name and contact info. Thanks in advance! We can’t do this without you.

“Material” to open 3rd annual VSAFF

“Life is not a funny business,” reads the tag line from Material, a heartwarming film that we are proud to announce as part of our 2013 VSAFF Gala Opening.

Cassim is a young Muslim man working in his father’s textile store. It’s Ebrahim’s dream for Cassim to take over the shop, but Cassim has discovered a talent for stand-up comedy, and he soon finds himself in direct conflict with his father, his family and his community.

Material is a warm, funny and emotional look at the struggles of a Muslim family facing the modern world, exploring, destiny, responsibility and what family really means. The film is entirely set in the Indian enclave of Forsdburg, Johannesburg, South Africa. If you like Bend It Like Beckham, you’ll love Material!

Tickets for Material and the rest of the VSAFF films will go on sale later in March.

Nik Rabinowitz to appear in Vancouver in support of the VSAFF and EwB

Starring Cape Town stand-up comedian Riaad Moosa as Cassim, Material also features well-known South African comic Nik Rabinowitz, who we are thrilled to announce will be in Vancouver for the festival! Nik is going to perform a stand-up show on April 11 in support of Education without Borders, the festival’s presenting charity. Full details to come soon!

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All proceeds from the VSAFF go to support the important educational development work EwB has been doing in South Africa since 2002.