Sunday, January 23, 1:45 p.m.

AFRIKAAPS breaks ground by boldly attempting to reclaim Afrikaans – so long considered a language of the oppressor – as a language of liberation. Hip hop poet and performer Jitsvinger, jazz pianist Kyle Shepherd and singer and poet Blaq Pearl trace the origins of Afrikaans back to the 1600s and follow it through to the present day in a musical, captured by the film. By combining various musical styles, poetry and video, they set out to redefine the untold story of the language as it has developed over the years. In true hip-hop style, incorporating beats and rhymes, glitches and scratches, this cutting-edge hiphopera looks at the language of the people of the Cape and celebrates all its different influences.

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Director: Dylan Valley
Country: South Africa
Language: English, Afrikaans and Slang with English Subtitles
Stars: Jitsvinger, Bliksemstraal, Blaq Pearl and Emile YX.
Runtime: 60 Minutes

Parental Guidance – Course Language

South African International Documentary Film Festival – Joint winner: Best Audience Award for a South African Film 2010



The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was an extraordinary moment in South Africa’s history. A struggle to forgive, where 21,000 victims told their stories and 7,000 perpetrators confessed their crimes. To mark its 10th anniversary, South African composer Philip Miller used ‘shards’ from recorded testimonies — fragments of exhalations, intonations, moans, murmurs, gasps — to compose Rewind: A Cantata for Voice, Tape and Testimony.  The title comes from the testimony of Mrs. Miya at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission who learned of the death of her son on television and who prayed, “Oh no Lord! I wish the news could rewind.” Making use of original news footage, TRC testimony and excerpts from the cantata itself, Rewind is a tremendous artistic achievement.

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Director: Liza Kaye
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Runtime: 48 Minutes

Parental Guidance – Violence

South African International Documentary Film Festival – Top 5 South African Films 2008

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