The VSAFF organizing committee gratefully acknowledges the assistance of…

Encounters South African International Documentary Festival:
Mandisa Zitha, director, for assisting in the selection and providing screeners for previewing the films.
Nazeer Ahmed, production manager, in obtaining permission for screenings of Afrikaaps, Rewind and Thembi and providing press materials.

Julian Shaw, director of Darling: The Pieter Dirk‐Uys Story, for permission to screen the film.
Tendeka Matatu, producer of Jerusalema, and Gary Phillips, director of MovieHouse Entertainment, for assistance in obtaining the film.
Keith Perkins, director of Lleju Production and Films, and Deborah Katz, senior brand manager, theatrical DVD of Anchor Bay Films, for permission to screen the film Jerusalema.
Nadia Del Real, assistant marketing manager for Anchor Bay Films for arranging
shipping and press materials for Jerusalema.
Brigid Olen, Do Productions, producer, for arranging the screening of Themba: A Boy
called Hope.
Ayla Hill and Valda Dicks, Do Productions, for providing press material for Themba: A Boy called Hope.
Mike Thomas, Jour de Fete Films, for arranging the screening, shipping and press
materials for Skin.
Robbie Little, The Little Film Company, for arranging the screening, press material and
shipping of White Wedding, and the assistance of Jann Turner.

Neil and Cedric Sundstrom, Cinema Vault Films and Pyramide Distribution.

We would also like to thank the following contributors:
Karen Davis. Canada Cinema Distribution
Nicole Binnie, Consumer Protection BC – Film Classification
Samantha Monkton, Talking Dog Communications
Craig Takeuchi, movie editor, Georgia Straight
Coleen Alexander, Vtix Solutions
Graham Peat, Videomatica
Venay Felton, Reel 2 Reel International Film Festival for Youth
Jonathan Colley and Nico Slobinsky, PacBlue
Norman Gladstone, International Cellars
Angela Shellard, PMA Canada
Mark Majewski, Nandos
Winston Lee, Out of Africa Trading
Neville Israels, SunRich
Peter Morgan, Canadian Fishing
Christine Boeker, Travelboeker
Rodney Benson, Danica

We would also like to thank our many volunteers that have helped to make this festival possible!

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