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Welcome to the first Vancouver South African Film Festival! We are proud to present four features and four documentaries that explore the culture, history and politics of South Africa – films that entertain and inform.

South Africa, with its diverse population, rich tradition of struggle for democracy and equity, and complex political and economic reality, has produced numerous outstanding films. The movies you will see at VSAFF are among those. Except for one, they are the work of a generation of South African film makers who have come to prominence since 1994 (the fall of apartheid and the dawn of democratic South Africa).  Seven are Canadian premieres and one, “Skin”, will have its first Vancouver screening at VSAFF. We believe VSAFF is the first festival of South African films held anywhere outside of South Africa.

VSAFF is a non-profit event organized entirely by volunteers. All proceeds will go to support the important educational development work Education without Borders has been doing in South Africa since 2002. Absolutely no stipends or salaries have been or will be provided to our organizers or volunteers.

We look forward to seeing you in January. Thank you for your support in the VSAFF and Education without Borders.

Vancouver South African Film Festival organizing committee

David Chudnovsky, VSAFF Co-Chair
Ruth Herman, VSAFF Co-Chair
Cecil Hershler, EwB Chair
Ruth Hershler, EwB Executive Director
Ian Merkel, Film Curator
Marc Weber, Web Design, Communications
Sandy Berman, Fund Raising
Peter Davis, VSAFF Film Consultant
Janet Dempsey, VSAFF Committee Member
Peter Morgan, VSAFF Committee Member
Lianne Elias, Communications
Laurel Slaney, Food Committee

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