Project Description

During Jeannette’s summer holiday in the Free State, a random act of kindness by an attractive Indian man sparks an unexpected love affair. Set during the years of Apartheid, the relationship is illegal – and dangerous.

While the love story is the structure upon which Free State is built, the film shines a light on families trying to come to terms with children who choose unfamiliar – and uncomfortable – paths; the relationships between Indians, Afrikaaners and Africans; the comfort of continuity and the challenge of change.

Free State explores both the personal struggle of the young couple against Apartheid, and also gives us a glimpse of the contribution of the Indian community to the broader political struggle.

Run Time: 98 minutes
Director: Sallas De Jager


  • Pan African Film Festival
  • Chennai International Film Festival
  • Kolhapur International Film Festival

 Community Partner