Project Description

Michael is a young Irishman on his way up - a wife and daughter he loves, good friends, a promising career. But everything begins to unravel when, through a simple act of thoughtlessness, he causes a tragedy.

Sifiso is a bright teenager living in an informal settlement in Cape Town. Hoping for a place at university, and a better future, he is drawn deeper into the harsh struggles of township life, and begins to ask why the new South Africa looks so much like the old.

Worlds apart, both men find themselves faced with the same question: how to be good. And when their stories unexpectedly collide, their impact on one another’s lives is far greater, and more surprising, than either could have imagined.

Director: Phil Harrison
Producers: Susan Picken, Roy Zetisky, Rebecca O’Flanagan
Run Time: 73 minutes

What the critics say…

“…. post-colonialism, liberal cluelessness, cloistered worldviews, First World patriarchy, Third World development and the complexities of a global economy in which good and bad become subjective matters.” — John Anderson, Variety

Preceded by…

Tula Tula

A German doctor travels to Africa hoping to save patients dying from malaria, the world’s greatest epidemic. He finds himself in a world he cannot understand, a world where all his medical knowledge and training fade into insignificance. Tula Tula challenges us to think again about our Western assumption that we know best.

Director: Shane Vermooten
Run Time: 10 minutes


  • Montreal Black Film Festival
  • 168 Film Festival – Best Director, Best International Film, Audience Favourite Award