Saturday, April 21, 10 a.m.

Touring the Constitutional Court of South Africa with Justice Albie Sachs
Vancouver Premiere

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Johannesburg has the dubious honour of having the only prison in the world where both Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela were incarcerated. When the Constitutional Court of South Africa was appointed by President Nelson Mandela, after the first democratic election in 1994, this was the site chosen by judges as a new home for the Court.

Documentary Short, 2005
Run Time: 25 minutes
Directors: Loman Sayman and Lloyd Ross
Rating: G


A Country Imagined: Jozi, A Terrible Beauty
Canadian Premiere

A Country Imagined takes us through South Africa’s most beautiful and culturally layered spaces and through this, we explore the rich histories of art in the country. Johnny Clegg combines a unique ability to learn, teach and perform simultaneously. In the series, he performs with musicians and dancers in remote villages around the country, talks to artists, both famous and unknown, hikes the Drakensberg to find the best rock art and views, travels in hot air balloons, helicopters and boats. To this he brings his insight, expertise and a great deal of humour, offering viewers a rich and accessible perspective on South African art.
Jozi A Terrible Beauty: Unlike the classically beautiful natural landscapes of many other parts of the country, Johnny Clegg explores the particular, peculiar beauty of the City of Gold. From its concrete jungle to its urban forest; from its snaking roadways to its urban sprawl, the art this city produces is bold, gutsy, urban and forthright.

Documentary Series Episode, 2011
Run Time: 60 minutes
Producers: Curious Pictures, Johnny Clegg
Language: English
Rating: G

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