Saturday, April 21, 9:30 p.m.
Vancouver Premiere

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When Francois meets Christian at his daughter’s wedding, he is smitten. He is middle‐aged, a successful businessman, supposedly happily married and a repressed homosexual. While François is convinced that he has wasted his life, a chance encounter completely turns his neat and tidy existence on its head. Set in the Cape Lands, among the well‐to‐do Afrikaaner community, Skoonheid is about the ravaging power of beauty and repressed desire.

Awards: Selected for the Toronto International Film Festival 2011 – Contemporary World Cinema Winner; Second Annual Queen of Palms Award ‐ Cannes 2011; South Africa’s Official Entry into the Oscar’s Category for Best Foreign Film – Academy Awards 2012.

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Feature Drama, 2011
Run Time: 99 minutes
Director: Oliver Hermanus
Language: English and Afrikaans with English subtitles
Rating: R (explicit sex scene)

Skoonheid is presented in partnership with the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, the second largest film festival in Vancouver and the largest queer arts event in Western Canada. Join us for 11 days of queer culture at 24th Vancouver Queer Film Festival from August 16-26, 2012. For more information visit

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