Early-bird sales end Friday

VSAFF supporters, prices for opening gala tickets and weekend passes go up after Friday, Jan. 14. Right now, you can still buy gala tickets — featuring the award-winning film “Skin”, followed by South African food and wine — for just $20, while festival passes are on sale for $45.

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4 Responses to Early-bird sales end Friday

  1. brian woodcock says:

    Hi Folks
    Does the festival pass include the gala-skin too ??
    If so I will tak the fest pass
    Looking forward to it my daughter works in SA on a humanitarian project - and I just got back from visiting - can’t wait to see the Fil Fest

  2. Freda Patel says:

    Can I buy a ticket for any movies on Sunday evening? I have already bought a early bird tickey for $20 for the gala and “Skin”. Please let me know.

    Thank you

    • marcdavidweber says:

      All tickets are available now. Just use the drop down tab on the right. Let us know if you have problems! Thanks for the support.

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