Leaving Mandela Park fundraiser

VSAFF fans, if you can’t wait until April 20 to get your fill of South African cinema, we invite you to support our charity, Education without Borders, at a REEL CAUSES event on March 29, 7:30 p.m. at the Denman Cinemas.

REEL CAUSES is a local non-profit that organizes social film screenings for the benefit of a different cause every month. They have offered their generous support of EwB by screening the documentary, Leaving Mandela Park, on March 29.

Leaving Mandela Park is a story about the extraordinary drive of children to escape the harsh reality of township life through music and dance. Siseko sings opera escaping the abuse by his father, Cynthia plays the saxofoon while staying out of the hands of gangsters, and Guava sings kwaito on street corners, while Pinkie dances her way out of poverty. Their dreams are not isolated. They form a metaphor for the future of a country that will depend on this young generation.

Director, script Saskia Vredeveld
Script Bart de Graaff


Tickets are $11 at the door.

Vancity is proud to be sponsoring the theatre rental to ensure the organization has a venue to show films/give voice to important community and humanitarian issues.

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